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Emmanuelle Collas has founded the publishing house Emmanuelle Collas Éditions in 2018 with an annual production of between six and eight titles, mainly French, French speaking and foreign literature.

In 2020, the publishing house won the Prix Goncourt des lycéens with The Impatients by Djaïli Amadou Amal, a Saheli author who basically writes against the violence made against women. And we are shortlisted in the Prix Goncourt of the first novel 2022 with Qu’est-ce que j’irais faire au paradis ? written by Walid Hajar Rachedi. Our catalogue counts authors such as Djaïli Amadou Amal (Cameroun), Marie Bardet (France), Anouar Benmalek (Algeria), Selahattin Demirtaş (Turkey), Khalil Diallo (Senegal), Dora Djann (France), Walid Hajar Rachedi (France), Zadig Hamroune (France), Nâzım Hikmet (Turkey), Sabrina Kassa (France), Omar Khayyâm (Persia), Sema Kılıçkaya (France), Timour Muhidine (France), Mutt-Lon (Cameroun), William Navarrete (Cuba), Prajwal Parajuly (India), Grażyna Plebanek (Poland) or Murielle Szac (France). We’re based in Paris. It’s been a long time that Emmanuelle Collas is a publisher. 17 years – with a strong publishing philosophy between literary and politics, a manifesto involved to an open world, great authors, many awards and a lot of fun. Two companies : the first and 12- years-old Galaade (2005-2017) and Emmanuelle Collas.

Some great literary Prizes : Médicis 2015, Goncourt des lycéens 2020 and Nobel 2021. The publishing house is independent and stayed small though we have seen some greatest success. A family and friendly laboratory of literature at home but also with a very proactive distributor (Media Diffusion). All of us are known by a strong determination. Hard work, conviction, energy, passion and humor, dream and fun. We have no other choice but to keep fighting for the opened world we believe in.

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Translation Grants
The CNL provides assistance to foreign publishers for the translation of literary works by French authors for publication abroad. All information about the application : eligibility, attribution and assessment criterions are to be found on their website.